Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Talulah's 5th Birthday ASTRO cake for her Astro Party

Three tiers of white chocolate mud cake. Scarlet helped by making all the little icing balls.
Sitting between the columns is a gorgeous little Astro Boy that lights up & changes colors. A beautiful Uran (AKA Astro Girl) is the cake topper. Scarlet also picked out the colors for her little sister's cake ... pink, lilac & baby blue. I used some of the same BAKE IT PRETTY heart-picks as on the cupcakes to decorate the cake (& keep Uran stable).

Cupcakes for Lulu's school class

White chocolate mud cupcakes, white chocolate frosting and pink sugar roses. Each had either a baby blue or rose pink retro heart cake-pick from fabulous USA cake store BAKE IT PRETTY. They have an online store & an Etsy shop.